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Group B Strep

April 11, 2014

Group B streptococcus, commonly known as GBS, is a type of bacteria that about a quarter of all women carry. Group B Strep lives in the intestines and migrates down to the rectum, vagina, and urinary tract. Although many woman do not even know they have GBS, it can cause very severe health problems to [...]

Doulas Are Priceless, Here’s How to Pay For Yours

March 18, 2014

Doulas Are Priceless, Here’s How to Pay For Yours By Xylina Weaver   Doulas Really Are Priceless We’ve known for decades now that having a doula (professional labor assistant) for your birth can make a big difference. Sadly, this valuable resource continues to be underused with only about 3% (Declerq et al., 2007) of new [...]

VBAC Facts Workshop with Jen Kamel coming to Spokane!!

March 17, 2014

We are very happy to announce that Jen Kamel, the founder and director of VBAC Facts, is coming to Spokane to present her workshop “The Truth About VBAC: History, Politics & Stats” on July 12th.  This evidenced-based review of hard to find information will be packed with the history and politics of post-cesarean birth options [...]

Birth Plans

March 8, 2014

Birth Plans Birth plans are a great way to formally express your labor, birth, and postpartum wishes to your attending medical staff. Typically, a birth plan is a simple, clear, one-page statement of your preferences for the birth of your child. These should be written by you and your partner. Doulas and some child birth [...]

Bloom Walks for March of Dimes

February 24, 2014

Guest post by: Anna Martin   As part of our mission to improve birth outcomes in Spokane, Bloom Spokane will be participating in this year’s March for Babies, sponsored by the March of Dimes. This year’s March is taking place on April 26th, at 202 E Cataldo (Gonzaga University Jundt Art Museum). Registration begins at 9:00 am. [...]