Spokane Pediatrician Recommendations

By Tine Reese

June 20, 2010

I attend the Spokane Mindful Mamas meetings on the South Hill almost every Thursday morning with my two young sons. The group is a great place to meet other parents and share information and resources.

As the creator, researcher, writer and blogger for Bloom, I often receive emails from local parents asking for pediatrician recommendations. And while I plan to expand Bloom over the next year to include more early-childhood resources like a list of local pediatricians, I thought for now it would be best to ask the Mindful Mamas what pediatricians they take their kids to and why they would recommend them to others.

Here is the list we came up with at last week’s meeting. The comments about each doctor come directly from the moms recommending them. If we’re missing your favorite pediatric provider on this list, please leave a comment and tell us why you love them!

Dr. Joseph Kincaid
Grand Pediatrics
Phone: (509) 455-8220

“My baby is only 5 weeks old, but so far we’ve had good experiences with the entire office. Dr. Kincaid and nurses are laid back, supportive and gentle. They got us right in when we had a possible illness and took the time to answer all of our questions.”

Dr. David Morgan
Phone: (509) 838-1188

“Dr. Morgan is a very kind person and is supportive of our choice not to vaccinate. He doesn’t pressure us, but informs us and respects our decisions. If you do decide to vaccinate, he recommends only vaccinations that are necessary. He believes in minimal intervention regarding fevers and such. Also, he is on call until 10:00pm every night.”

“We love Dr. Morgan and so do our kids—my 3-year-old actually looks forward to his doctor’s visits! Dr. Morgan has a more holistic view of practicing medicine than other pediatricians I’ve been to and he gives us comprehensive information about everything from vaccines to treating ear infections. I feel like he has my kids’ best interests at heart…not the insurance company’s.”

Dr. Alycia Policani, ND
Evergreen Naturopathic
Phone: (509) 755-5100‎

“Dr. Policani provides comprehensive, holistic and affordable treatment for our kids. She is very kind.”

Dr. Matt Thompson and Dr. John Lee
The Kids Clinic
Phone: (509) 448-PEDS

“We receive excellent care and they are very kind.”

Dr. David Bennett (Chattaroy, WA)
Phone: (509) 292-2001‎

“The office is kind of far away, but as we don’t run to the doctor for every small occasion, the drive is worth it. Dr. Bennett spends anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour with us when we’re there. He’s very respectful of our decision not to vaccinate and he explains everything very well in plain language.”

Dr. Mary Bergum
Phone: (509) 448-4870

“Dr. Bergum has a family practice and sees our entire family. She is available all the time, makes common-sense recommendations and is really good with kids. She is not too conservative, but not too granola. She also supports nursing and vaccines.”

Brenda Stoudt, cPNP
WeeCare Pediatrics
Phone: (509) 230-3914

“We love that she makes house calls—this is very important when you don’t have a car! Also, she is okay with just doing a basic check-up every year or so. None of this having to make appointments every few months like other practices.”

Dr. Robert Piston
Group Health Lidgerwood
Phone: (509) 230-3914

“Dr. Piston takes the time to listen and is respectful of parents’ opinions. He also works at Guild’s School and is knowledgeable about a variety of health conditions. He is against Cry It Out as a method of getting babies to sleep and is pro-breastfeeding.”


Ditto on Dr. Kincaid. We’ve been with them for five years (since my oldest was a day old). Fantastic.

Huge suupport for Dr. Morgan. He’s very experienced and non-panicky. His staff has been supportive too–often getting us in immediately for one of my son’s many illnesses last year. He’s even diagnosed my daughter over the phone with roseola–he’s that good! And when we’ve called with “should we go to the ER?”, I trust him completely to tell us when we need to go versus waiting it out.

Thanks for the referrals ladies!! Question- Does anyone know if Dr. Kincaid is respectful about not vaccinating??

By Xylina Weaver on December 20th, 2010 at 3:46 pm

My friend takes her 4 kids to Kincaid and does not vacinate. She loves him!

I know nothing about Dr Kincaid, but have only amazing things to say about Brenda. :) She has gone to my sister’s house for every appointment (my niece is now 10 months old) and she is in total agreement with my sister not even begining ANY vaccines until Gracie is past one year of age. I think its totally awesome that she doesn’t have to take her into a germy office for every check up. She talks on the phone with my sister at least once a week checking in on things since my niece has had a few preemie related issues. I can’t see Brenda having an issue what so ever with not vaccinating. :)

We have seen Dr. David Morgan for over 16 years and we have been thrilled with his level of care. He is a great listener, a conservative doctor, and non-judgmental about our decisions to homebirth, baby-led weaning, delayed or no vaccinations. I have loved the fact that he’s a solo practitioner (well, he’s in practice with his wife Katie) so we always see him, not whoever’s in the office that day. He has been a wonderful healthcare provider. You will be blessed if you can get into his practice (I think he’s often full and only takes new patients if they are newborns).

Just a quick note to say that this practitioner’s full name is Brenda Stoudt. Her practice is called WeeCare Pediatrics. You can view her information here: http://www.bloomspokane.com/provider-directory/profiles/brenda-stoudt/


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